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    Liberty - Life Cover Quote Request March 2018

Questions to ask yourself when choosing your cover:

  • Will my loved ones have enough money to meet their financial needs in the event of my death?
  • Have I provided enough money for my children to complete their studies even if I am no longer around?
  • Will my spouse be able to meet our debt obligations if I die?

There are many more reasons for Life Cover, but none as important as ensuring that your loved ones have been financially cared for when you are gone.

Why Liberty Life?

  • Liberty Life is one of the largest Life Insurers in South Africa.
  • It is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as one of the Top 40 companies.
  • Liberty Life has a market capital in excess of R19 billion, and is a member of the Standard Bank Group.

Why buy Liberty Life Cover here?

  • This is where you can get an accurate Liberty Life quote, emailed to you within minutes of using our E-Quote system.
  • Liberty Life cover is a fully underwritten Life Cover policy, which means you get the best premium, because it is tailored to the individual, and Liberty Life will assess your risk to them accordingly.

How do I get a quote?

  • That's the simple part. Just fill in the short online form, and click on the "Get Quote" button. We will email you a quote within seconds.
  • Our Liberty Life E-Quote will be sent to you with Three different premium options. Quick, simple, and no hassle.

Get Your Liberty Life E-Quote Now

What are my options?

Life Cover pays your beneficiaries a lump sum benefit if you die. The Liberty Life's Life Cover includes a Terminal Illness benefit. This means you can choose to have 100% of your Life Cover paid out on diagnosis of a terminal illness if life expectancy is less than 12 months. After the 100% payout is made, the Life Cover benefit ceases.

We will send you three options when we send your Liberty Life E-Quote.

Option 1: Renewable Premium Pattern

Renewable Life Cover pays your beneficiaries a lump sum benefit if you die. Your premiums are guaranteed for 15 years, which means your premiums will not increase during that period. After 15 years, at the Guarantee Review Date, you have two options:

  1. Renew your Life cover at an increased premium without underwriting, or
  2. Maintain your current premium but reduce the amount of Renewable Life cover.

The Renewable Life Cover and premiums are guaranteed for another 5 years until the next Guarantee Review Date. This process is repeated every 5 years.

Option 2: Age Rated Premium Pattern

Under the Age Rated premium pattern, the premium at each age is guaranteed to remain unchanged from that quoted at inception of the policy (unless the selected cover changes) for the first ten years following the Commencement Date, until the First Premium Review Date. In simple terms, your contribution will be increased annually by the rate applicable to your age. The details of this are available on the official Liberty FAIS Compliant quote.

Option 3: Level Premium Pattern

The premium quoted at inception of the policy for all the benefits on the Level premium pattern are guaranteed to remain unchanged (apart from the Automatic Premium Increases if selected and unless the selected cover changes) for the first 10 years following the Commencement Date until the First Contribution Review Date.

Can I get Disability or Dread Disease Cover with my Quote?

Due to the complexity of these covers, we do not include them in your quote, however you can request to add these if you would like to take up the cover.

What else can I add?

  • Income Protection
  • Lump sum disability cover
  • Funeral Cover
  • Critical Illness cover

Get Your Liberty Life E-Quote Now

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